Happy New Year

A new year is coming, and, like for every one, is time to make a balance of the work we had done and to look forward for the coming year. 
During the past years, we promoted a competition, from Globalization to Individuality, and last October we had our second exhibition where we showcased the winners projects.
Step by step, we are learning how to promote and give more visibility to newer [fashion] designer; how to organize a contest and an exhibition; and how to discover interesting projects.
The purpose of the coming 2013 is to do better and to improve our self, always seeking to outstanding project that leaves us astonished.

We wish you a brightest and full of newest designers 2013.



B'Sbbe is an Italian Brand from Prato, near Florence, one of the most famous Italian area for knitted fabrics manufacture.
The brand name comes form a turquoise stone form Arizona, that, along with a red wool string, is a sign of good luck and true love for nature and life.

As well, the brand's name, B'Sbbe, is representative of the brand philosophy because this brand is promoting a critical message against pollution and wild exploitation of human and natural resources by developing all the collections with organic fabrics and by using no toxics dyeing process.


Alessandra De Tomaso

Alessandra designs aggressive capsule collection for urban women; young ladies ready to party and not afraid to be sexy.

She mostly use pure and vivid color and her outfits get their strengthens by the use of tone on tone, shining taffeta combine with matt fabrics, and interesting decoration like studs or feather.


Les Chourettes

This brand, born by the collaboration between Ester Raimondi and Stella Dondini, is a combination of casual women wear and sartorial details.
This picture displays an aggressive combination of double black face that gives a glass optical illusion on animal pattern.
The collection best seller is a jersey t-shirt whit a face side silhouettes stitches on the side. The colors combination and fabrics patterns are always different, so each t-shirt is unique.


Simon Gao

Simon Gao started his career in the fashion system by opening his own studio as a stylist. This experience allowed him to get in touch with the fashion industry, and in this way he standardized into the industry process his first F/W collection. 
The same collection was showcase on Vogue Italia on September 2012.
"My inspiration in five words? Nature, three-dimensional, reconstruction, recombination and layering."


Kevin Redon

Kevin Redon is a self-conscious foot wear designer. He studied product design, and while he was studying, he won the 3rd price for Adidas Originals.
Kevin's footwear projects are outstanding and he loves to spend time on details, because, as he says, they make everything.
"Most of the time I sketch some rough, scan them, redraw on Illustrator with a maximum of details and then render on Photoshop […] for the 3D I use Rhinoceros 3D and render with HyperShot."
Portfolio | Bēhance


Gianluca Tamburini

Gianluca Tamburini has two degrees in economy and marketing, and after them he followed his true passion: fashion. He got his third degree at Polimoda, whit a specialization in shoe design.

Gianluca's collection has assertive and solid color, lighting up shoes whit metallic flashes and feathers.
Web site.


Pounomi Roy

Pounomi Roy studied fashion design at National Institute of Fashion Technology in India and did an internship at Shoppers Stop, a retail chain, where she became an expert on prints and embroideries.
Her graduation collection won the Best Designed Awards, and nowadays she is head designer for the fusion wear, ethnic category inside Inmark Retail Company.
"Bring the ramp fusion wear for the young girls and give them fresh preppy collections every season" is her motto.


Barbara Proverbio

Barbara Proverbio is a jewelry designer.
She mostly works metals and stone; however, from traditional Venetian art craft maker, she develops delicate and transparent art jewels with blown glass. 
Some of her pieces are permanently showcase at Guggenheim Museum in Venice.
She graduated in architecture and during her study she grew inside a true passion to small and detailed art craft abject. This passion became her work: in fact she designs and makes all her collection.


Shalini Ahuja

"Fashion is passion": the designer who goes by this phrase is a young Delhi based accessory maker Shalini Ahuja
Her label specializes in vivacious footwear, bags, belts, lap top covers, and I-pad covers.
Shalini designs the collections and Indian artisans produce them; it is an interesting combination between the traditional beauties of hand painted leather and contemporary design.



Beside hurricane and some snowing days, New York City is the place to be if you are an emerging designer and you want to showcase your women collection.
Here a link if you want to apply for BK Fashion Week {end}.
From February 28th to March 3rd 2013, BKFK showcases the top emerging designer in the fashion industry including local, national and international designers. The runway shows feature eco-friendly designers, ready to wear and couture designers.



"TheCo offers to the international market a portfolio of brands and products born from real creativity that emphasize the neverending power of beauty."
If you are a fashion designer (accessories | garments), and you would like to present your collection in a professional and well located show room ( Milan | city center ), you might want to contact TheCO show room (Antonella Colamaria) to present your last collection.



Nadir is a woman wear brand from Positano. The design is cute and feminine and the target is a colorful and full of joy girl.
The concept behind Nadir collection is Holly Hobbie's drawing; Holly Hobbie is a character born in the late '60s of little girl wearing rag dress and giant bonnet. Like in those drawings, the collection constants elements are: linen, cotton, lace, ruffles, soft color, pattern and patchwork.
On Facebook.


Danila Galante

Danila Galante is persuades that design nowadays has more responsibility comparing to the past in developing no polluted products, and this branch of design, related to sustainability, should be see as a creative possibility not as a limitation.
Danila has experience both as a graphic designer and as a fashion designer, but as much as she likes the speed of software like photoshop and illustrator, therefore she rather drawing fashion sketches by hand.
Her blog.



If you need a review about your portfolio, this is the place to be (Milan area, Italy).
"Bēhance Portfolio Reviews bring members together at events in cities and town around the world - organized by members, for members. Attend a Portfolio Review to present and get feedback on your work. hear from experienced professionals, and meet your local creative community."


Kauro Kaneko

Kauro Kaneko is a Japanese designer who has his root in his culture; Kaneto design approach stands in developing and discovering new approach in the use of traditional object. His motto is: "Japanese traditional style for activity".
He mostly works with lather and the project "one piece" is a sample of his creativity. He approached the classic Italian moccasin shoe working with on peace of leather that can be stitched by the final consumer. The final user takes a part in the shoe creation to develop a unique design.


Exhibition #2

Stathis Samantas & me @ exhibit #2
The 10th of October we had our second exhibition in Milan.
Allisa Vallentine
Francesca Paolin
Jun Chia
Maria Saguinsin
Stathis Samantas
Tom Göbels

Thanks to everyone.
View catalog


Syazalina Lim

Syazalina Lim is an enthusiastic design student. She is full of energy and she is passionate about visual merchandising and sports wear.
"Without design, our life would be the same shades of grey every single day."



I'm definitely getting ready for the next exhibition: from Globalization to Individuality.
Last week I was shooting the collection designed by Tom Göbels, 文房四宝, when a photographer came across and did some shoot as well.


Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson has a truly talent when she designs undergarments."I'm kind of a 'girlie girl' when it comes to design, I love ruffles, lace and bows."
Her design is feminine and sexy; Kristen mixes soft and transparent fabrics with lace, and she is aware how to develop any single piece. "[…] When it comes to lingerie there can be as many as twenty different components going on these garments."
According to Kristen, nowadays lingerie is sexier that it used to be. "Brands like Agent Provocateur and La Perla have paved this road for an edgier, sexier look that can make the everyday woman fell like a sex symbol."



In few days time, the MWFW is going to rules Milan. Famous brands are going to dominate the international fashion media and blogs; on-line Vogue is going to update his page several times per day with post and photos by the catwalks; consumerism is going to be celebrate.
Before that press orgy, I want to introduce COLOR NATURAE. This brand, founded in 2005 by few young designers, believes in the environmentally compatible use of natural fiber like merinos wool, alpha, cotton, and linen colored by natural and non-toxic dyes.


Shu Qin

Shu Qin is a fashion design student from Singapore and she is still developing her style.
As a school project she develop an amazing shoot while she was working on the theme of 30s. "I had never thought of being a stylist, but I see styling as an important skill for a fashion designer." 
"March of the Feminine" was her styling work on the 30s: "I think the hardest part was doing the research and conceptualizing [after that] everything just fall into place."


Thais Queiroz

Thais Queiroz is from Brazil, and inside her portfolio there are fashion and graphic projects. She feels herself more as a fashion designer, however -as she says- there is a deep connection between graphic and fashion.  
"When you design, you start with an idea and invest a lot of though into every single detail."


Gisele Schütz

Gisele Schütz is from Brazil and she has a deep interest in Japanese culture, especially manga and anime. This enthusiasm influenced her design, and her collection "The Duality of the Ways" is inspired by her interpretation of Japanese culture. 
All the collection is in white taffeta, similar to a western wedding gown collection, but shape and cut are took from manga, so there are details like the enormous collar, the puff skirt, and the bow.


Talia and her brothel.

Talia is a playful and creative designer how challenged herself with her first collection by choosing an intriguing theme: "how does it feel to grow up in brothel".
The subject was inspired by the story of a boy who grew up in a brothel in Scotland and his experiences as a child. And because Talia's approach to design is innovative with a little bit of madness, the final collection is definitely unexpected.


Stathis Samantas, F/W 2012/13 collection.

Stathis Samantas, loyal to his nick name "the Greek Manolo Blahnik", for the coming fall/winter season developed a collection where the stiletto has an essential role.
Stathis mixes black leather with gold and deep blue purplish metal to empathize cuts and insertions details, like the gold stripes that cover the boot.   


Kismet capsule collection by Jun

Jun designs this capsule collection by elaborating the basic T-Shirt to create something different: a capsule collection that involves cut and pleat combined on a neat design.
Pastel color on the shade of light blue and pink gives to the entire collection a fresh and young look. The garments are made in elastic and soft jersey, for a comfortable fit.


Francisco Planelles

Francisco Planelles is found in footwear design, and the main reason is that he dedicated almost his whole life to this passion, since he was a little kid.
He designs; he has deep knowledge in patter making and technical developing; and he has more than ten years experience in this industry.
According to him a designer should have tons of creativity and fun, however "the real world is about sales […] and you can not be as creative as you want, you have to be commercial."


From Globalization to Individuality: awards.

The contest, "from Globalization to Individuality", promoted few months ago on this blog was a success. Thanks to all designers.
All contestants produced and proposed amazing ideas; we received beautiful drawing and sketches; for the jury was not an easy job to declare the winner.

Allisa Vallentine
Allisa Vallentine won the first price for women wear.
Her collection represents an evergreen feminine looks where soft and transparent fabrics flow around the body following the figure movement.
Stathis Samantas
Stathis Samantas won the first price for accessories.
His concept was strong and outstanding, a deep observation of European Country during the last century and today.
outfit: Allisa; shoe: Stathis
Our team thanks everyone that made this contest a success; and we remind you the exhibition after the MWFW.


Aariel Forbes

Aariel Forbes is a fashion designer fascinated about new technologies and knowledgeable about industry uniform.
According to his design philosophy, most of Aariel's projects are comprehensive of all deign discipline: "each field [fashion, architecture, graphic, and product] plays an important role in the design process […] by having a general understanding of all design disciplines it can improve your quality as a designer."


Janina Alleyne

Janina Alleyne came from a fashion background.
She turned into shoe design when she had the chance to develop some shoe prototypes during her study at Northampton University.
"I enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit the eccentric design in my head into the structure of a shoe which has more restrictions compared to garments." After this project, she left fashion and joined footwear design at DeMontfort University.


Louise Everett

Louise Everett has always had an interest in clothing and fine art, and she ended up as a fashion designer: it was the right solution to combine those two interests. 


Shani Sibrian

Shani Sibrian is an artist who enjoys using different media to express herself including pen & ink, watercolor, oil paint, scratch board, and digital media.
"Graphic design is a very technical and a beautiful form of art, but I love using scratch board to see every detail and every stroke used to create an amazing photo."


Olívia Suguri

Olívia is from Brazil. During 2007, while she was studying fashion design in São Paulo, she spent some time in Tokyo. Over there she was able to see runway looks in store and all over the city, not just on fashion magazine like Vogue.
This experience pushed her to learn Japanese and in 2009 she was enrolled at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.


Jun Chia

Jun is the chief designer behind the Shanghai based brand KISMET.
He is from Singapore and few years ago he moved to Shanghai, China, where he improved his skills as a pattern maker. 


Francesca Tosi

Francesca is a humble designer; she loves to observe streets wear; to discover which kind of clothes people wear everyday; and to analyze which kind of emotions and feels are involved inside clothes.
Her field is women apparel, because she can understands better women's taste and their fashion expectations. And she can plays around with ruffles, pleats, and laces; an opportunity she barely has designing men wear.


Tina Stoica

Tina considers herself "an artist, who has expertise in textile design." And it makes sense, because you can lear how to design, but you need to have artistic sensibility, chromatic affinities, and imaginative expression to become a designer. 
While she is working as a textile designer, she follows fashion tendencies; but when she is developing her artistic installation she truly expresses herself.


Patrick Kampff

"Design should not be about meeting one's need, but exceed it. Design should propose new experience. Design should concede social impact." In those few sentences and words, you can understand Patrick's philosophy.
He is a footwear designer, who has in his portfolio projects designed for Nike, Havaianas, and Heineken.


Jaime Goldschmidt

Jaime is a jewelry designer for several reasons: she loves to work with metals, she thinks jewelry design is challenging, and "you do not need a specific kind of body type to look good in that necklace."  
As well simple outfit can be improved by dynamic jewelry, and a detailed outfit can be completed by a simple jewelry.


Tatjana Zhabina

Tatjana has a natural aptitude to draw illustration. She mostly draws by ink, pen and pencil because those tools are in every place: at home or in a cafeteria. Simple tools for linear and clean drawing. 
This aptitude kept growing, and it allows her to discover her talent for apparel. Her approach to fashion design is similar to her approach to art: her inspiration starts in her soul, then it is elaborated in her brain and defined by her hand. 



The "four treasures of study" (文房四宝) in the Chinese culture refers to tools a good student during ancient time should always have on his desk: brush, paper, ink, and ink stone.
designed on silk
This is the inspiration for the last work Tom Göbels designed to compete at Changshu cup contest. A competition organized by Changshu city and held in Beijing 798 district


Convivio 2012

If you are in Milan area, you might be interested to take a look at fieramilanocity from tomorrow until the 12th of Jun. At Pavilion 1, gate 6, between 10am to 10pm, there is Convivio.

Covivio is a combination of exhibitions, art and shops; all goods, designed expressly for this event, have the label of prestigious fashion brands; and the proceeds supports the campaign against AIDS.
Convivio has eleven years; Gianni Versace founded it in 1992, and since then the number of designers and brands that support this project keeps growing. 

It is one of the most important charity events, supported by famous designers and celebrities; and by you, if you go there to buy a little something.



Soon is summer, but even sooner there are going to be the September Fashion shows.
Design grows in Brooklyn, and if you want to grow as a designer, you can show your S/S 2013 collection from September 27th - 30th at BK Fashion Week{end}.
You can apply until August 15th.
Couture - Women/ Men
Ready to wear - Women/ Men



Most of the time, when we think about fashion, in our mind the picture of beautiful woman wearing luxury goods appears.
In fashion there are not just chiffon dress, hill shoes, and diamonds. This industry satisfy many different needs that require specific pattern construction and particular kind of performable fabric. Apparel has many fields, and each of them has unique approach and different research. The design intention is to make garments to cover / to protect / to be worn and make appealing the human body. Every one, no matter the purpose of it, wants to feel good while he is wearing his clothes.
One particular field of apparel is clothes for disabled. The approach and research for this field is one of the most challenge for a designer, because there are involved so many particular needs. Picture a tree:  boughs come out from trunk, each bought has branch, and other branch until leaves, flowers, and fruits. To design clothes for disabled a designer should be extremely specific on any particular needs. And there are plenty of them: difficulty in closing/opening garments; specific use; particular movement.
For the fourth years in a row, the city of San Paulo de Brazil promotes "the international inclusive fashion", a contest where design students have the opportunity to challenge themselves about a field that is not often take under consideration: to design clothes for disabled. A way to try you and learn something new about fashion without barriers.


孔子愚 - Conte

Conte is a young Chinese fashion designer passionate about sketching diva clothes for his inspiring muse: Lady Gaga.



Coco Chanel designed the first petit noir in 1926; and, later that year, it was shot on Vogue America. Since then, every woman has her little black dress, and black became a must have for all seasons.
Why black color is always fashionable? So fashionable that we often say, in reference to the latest color trend, "is the new black."
In ancient western culture, black was the color for mourning; however, after Mademoiselle Coco introduce it as an evening dress color for the new dynamic women of the '20, it become stylish, elegant and powerful. 
It is used during formal occasion; by subculture like Punk or Goth fashion; like a passe-partout during the fashion week. Look in your closet: you have something black.
Is black a color? If we take a careful look at the color wheels, black (and white as well) is not there. We cannot see pure black, but we use it for having shades. 

The challenge of "Draw Black" competition is to express your self by shades; you can use any media you like, as long as the drawing is made by hand.
All works should be submitted by June 15th.


Form globalization to individuality, by Allisa Vallentine.

Natural catastrophes have a global influence on our world, however each individual react in his own way.
In Asia, tsunami left behind horror, pain, and sufferer. In contrary to those awful results, see water out-pour is powerful, dangerous, and beautiful.


Form globalization to individuality, by Snow Lee.

Once upon a time, our world was halcyon.
Each individual had connection with nature, and all the creatures were friends. Then, as a dark cape, globalization destroyed this harmony; and it brought pollution, diseases, and unhappiness.
However globalization brought as well a worldwide network that allow people from all over the word to communicate to each other to fight the pollution by using recycled materials an create unique accessory. There is still hope.

Snow Lee developed a collection of accessories decorated with garbage. Material like plastic, metals, ribbon take new life to decorate her collection.

Snow Lee is from China, and globalization created a high environmental pollution issue in this Country. 


Form globalization to individuality, by Francesca Paolin.

Francesca has been working on the concept of "double side" for a while, and the duality of globalization and individuality was a variety on the theme of juxtaposition. 

She was fascinated about how different ethnic groups develop similar, but at the same time different, solution to the same problem. About the different interpretation of what is exotic if you live in America or in Asia. About the cultural substrate of history, that layer after layer, makes the personality of a country. About the meaning of colors.