Laura Unruh

Laura Unruh is a shoe designer.
She grew up surrounded by fashion as her mother was in the fashion business and as a young girl used to decorate her pink converse with puff paints and sharpies. 
Apparel design however, was not enough challenging for her talent, so she chose to design shoes, where "a millimeter is important to the last".
She has a passion for flat shoes and prefers to wear flats however she loves as well high heels "I prefer to wear flats because they're more comfortable although I do wear heels on occasion".

"I love designing high heels though because I'm able to be very dramatic with the styles.  I find it easier to add more of a women's sass and attitude into a heel than into a flat."
While filling the role as senior designer for Yellow Box, she also was the primary designer for Guess and Nine West. she was traveling around the world to research new trends. She is knowledgeable about every task in shoe sample making. 
Laura has a lot of experience, although she does not feel sure about starting up her own label because as she stressed it out, it is expensive, complicated, and it involves a lot of people. "I think when time is right, it will happen".


Kristina said...

Thank you, thank you thank you. My sister and I both have a pair of her flats and looove them. Compliments all the time and they are so comfortable. Not to mention we were able to buy them before everybody else even caught on to the whole fancy-flat trend. Thank you so much for this article, please keep us posted on Laura Unruh!!!!

Andrea said...

Where can we find Laura's shoes?!!!

Chrystal Meir said...

Thank you so much for the article. I haven't had the pleasure of purchasing her shoes but have noticed her name around. Thanks for keeping us up to date on designers with a fresh approach and somehow knowing exactly who we are interested in at the moment

LOU.EARL said...

Update! Laura designed and developed a brand of her own called LOU.EARL and the collection is now available online and in stores!! www.louearlshoes.com