Julija Moroz

Julija Moroz is a fashion and jewelry designer.
She is always been intrigued by fashion and the possibility (ability) that fashion gives you to change your look by having a different style or new details in your garment.

"Fashion is such a broad area to explore […] it is incredible how different you can be".
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Merry Christmas.

This young blog is on line from last August, but we grew a lot in those months.
We would like to thanks all the designer, illustrators, stylist and photographer that support us. 
A special thanks to 1900, Alen, Allisa, and Tom : they made possible our first exhibition in Shanghai.

We wish you a Merry Christmas.


Maria y Limjoco

Maria y Limjoco is a jewelry designer based in Paris.

gloves pin necklace black - Photographer:  Timi Sace

Originally hoping to learn and master the secrets of the French clothing industry, Maria y Limjoco decided to fly to Paris.  However, things don’t always go as planned and so one day she found herself detouring to the direction of the jewelry industry.  It was in Crystal Mosaic, a shop in Paris specializing in crystal-encrusted jewelry and art objects, where she first learned the art of jewelry-making while working as a jewelry artist.


First Exhibition

Below you can read the introductions about the four capsule collections showcased at the first exhibition in Shanghai, by four different designer.

This collection gets inspiration by the wood window shutter, and a memory of simple daily life gesture.
A piece of wood without extra decoration and ornaments [sakura] reflects on us mood of joy, sadness and excitements. From all this feeling he develop this collection.
Light flown dresses, pleated skirts, and tops in silk in combination with light woolen coats make the collection. The color combination is in the shades of gray with accent on washed pink, green tones, and mustard color. 
Contact the designer: Alen Poropat

African wildlife.
All the collection is focus on the icon of the Lion, the king of the jungle.
The lion is wild and strong yet it gives protection to his family; it is a perfect symbol that represents hardness and softness at the same time.
This is an ideal representation of the relationship between young men and women.
The garment fittings are all oversize to bring the grand feeling from the lion. The combination of fur, wool and leather make this collection warm, soft and hard at the same time.
Contact the designer: Allisa Vallentine

Glamour China.
China has a real impact on his creation; the daily environment, the juxtaposition of western and eastern culture, the contradiction of a developing country are a constant source of inspiration.
The results of this process and analysis are glamorous dresses covered of gold sequins mixed with rough and rustic element of the daily life, like old customized military coat.
Contact the designer: Tom Eloi Gobles

All his collection his inspired by Confucius word 闻.
This word has different kind of meaning. If you read it as a verb it means “to smell / to hear”, but as an adjective is “famous / well know”.
Often overlooked in Confucian ethics are the virtues to the self, namely sincerity and the cultivation of knowledge. Virtuous action towards others begins with virtuous and sincere thought, which begins with knowledge.
Contact the designer: 1900 (杨树)



Abigail Arbel

Abigail Arbel loves to tells story by clothes, accessories, and color. She uses fashion to speak about real life, where each person has his own style.
"Fashion is a form of storytelling […] we can adorn our selves in our fantasies".

She works as a designer, as well as a trend consultant. Her biggest challenge is to incorporate specific inspiration, new trends, and ideas into design.


Zhenya Zhuravlyova

Zhenya Zhuravlyova is a landscape architect; however she likes to explore the fashion design field. Especially what concern fashion drawing.

Her dream is to move to Paris, the capital of haute couture. Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld are her mentors about fashion.


Sarah Bang Hansen

Sarah Bang Hansen, as a fashion designer, likes to explore, to analyze, to examine the texture and consistence of fabric. 

She elaborates plane cotton with rust; she applies hand made knitwear processing to wide cotton stripes; and she drapes wool fiber to create dress.
During her design process she works with "the weight, the sound, the movement of the gowns".


Julie Ng

Julie Ng, as she signs her works, is an active wear fashion designer.
"Active wear needs specific and special attention of detailing whilst designing […] the product must be practical under physical performance."

The work of analysis, research, ergonomic study for the shape, and new textile present on the market, is more close to product design, that to fashion.


Yi-Lin Cheng

Yi-Lin Cheng is a spontaneous and full of joy young designer.
She is really talented as a fashion illustrator and her mentor are R. Gruau and A. Lopez.

"I love drawing […] I will love to be a fashion illustrator of the 50's and 60's […] and fashion illustrator was the reason I chose fashion as a major".
She use any kind of media, but usually she draws using pantone marker and pencil.