Coco Chanel designed the first petit noir in 1926; and, later that year, it was shot on Vogue America. Since then, every woman has her little black dress, and black became a must have for all seasons.
Why black color is always fashionable? So fashionable that we often say, in reference to the latest color trend, "is the new black."
In ancient western culture, black was the color for mourning; however, after Mademoiselle Coco introduce it as an evening dress color for the new dynamic women of the '20, it become stylish, elegant and powerful. 
It is used during formal occasion; by subculture like Punk or Goth fashion; like a passe-partout during the fashion week. Look in your closet: you have something black.
Is black a color? If we take a careful look at the color wheels, black (and white as well) is not there. We cannot see pure black, but we use it for having shades. 

The challenge of "Draw Black" competition is to express your self by shades; you can use any media you like, as long as the drawing is made by hand.
All works should be submitted by June 15th.

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