Aariel Forbes

Aariel Forbes is a fashion designer fascinated about new technologies and knowledgeable about industry uniform.
According to his design philosophy, most of Aariel's projects are comprehensive of all deign discipline: "each field [fashion, architecture, graphic, and product] plays an important role in the design process […] by having a general understanding of all design disciplines it can improve your quality as a designer."
He worked with different material to develop his projects.
The newspaper project highlights how much papers are waist, instead of being recycled. He recollects some newspaper from trains and tubes and he created a jacket to communicate the importance and beauty of recycling.
GX10 is a group project. The main idea was to design a fashion item integrated with a accelerometer based technology in mobile phone accessories to solve a future design need. 
GX10 is a glove that allows  user to interface with mobile phone by gesture eliminating the need of touch, ideal for extreme sports.
Leo was his last project as a student. Aariel incorporated in this work his love for fashion, his experience in uniform industry, and functional details of product design. Leo is integrated display uniform that uses a new medium for interactive costumer service. 
This uniform has wowed optical fibbers to create a flexible and integrated display controlled wireless by an arm unit. "It was very challengeable to design a futuristic uniform but yet still keeping the traditional aspects."

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