Francisco Planelles

Francisco Planelles is found in footwear design, and the main reason is that he dedicated almost his whole life to this passion, since he was a little kid.
He designs; he has deep knowledge in patter making and technical developing; and he has more than ten years experience in this industry.
According to him a designer should have tons of creativity and fun, however "the real world is about sales […] and you can not be as creative as you want, you have to be commercial."
So, when Francisco can, he is extremely creative.
Like in the project he submitted for Jimmy Choo's competition, while he was having some courses at the London College of Fashion to improve himself.
Francisco combined leather with hand stitches and a tubular construction in metal as a heel. This concept represents a strong juxtaposition in the use of material and working process between classic and modernism. An avant-garde concept for a unique collection.
Francisco's design for women is totally different comparing his men concept. The sketches and rendering are always neat and full of details, however "there is a lot more to explore in women footwear, and you can let your creativity flies."

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