Tina Stoica

Tina considers herself "an artist, who has expertise in textile design." And it makes sense, because you can lear how to design, but you need to have artistic sensibility, chromatic affinities, and imaginative expression to become a designer. 
While she is working as a textile designer, she follows fashion tendencies; but when she is developing her artistic installation she truly expresses herself.
Jelly Giant was exposed at Biennale in Venice. This installation shows the marine organic world in bigger size: visitors can get inside a world made of giant jellyfish and mollusk. Roles are reversed: human are small, the marine world huge.

Natural themes are frequently in Tina's design. Efloresis Venustas is another installation to study fabric volume using various surfaces manipulation to create a surrealistic environments made of mushrooms and flowers.
For a ecological cultural event, she designed the zebra T-shirt. The main colors are pink and green, and the print represents a tree made of electronic device. 
It represents, in an ironic way, the human's utopia to live in harmony with nature: human being (generally) destroy and then rebuild nature in a fake way, like the tree.

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