Nadir is a woman wear brand from Positano. The design is cute and feminine and the target is a colorful and full of joy girl.
The concept behind Nadir collection is Holly Hobbie's drawing; Holly Hobbie is a character born in the late '60s of little girl wearing rag dress and giant bonnet. Like in those drawings, the collection constants elements are: linen, cotton, lace, ruffles, soft color, pattern and patchwork.
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The outfit are perfect for a summer vacation in the country side or near the sea: over size blouse that can be worn as dress, wide capri pants, sleeveless long dress, and linen vest are in flower and stripes patter.
Some pieces of the collection have less patchwork and few pattern, they also are designed in comfortable shapes, and they are in the tones of blue or off white to fit not just holiday time.
The accessories complete the collection over look with some fun and girlish elements, like candy shape and fabrics flowers.

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