Shani Sibrian

Shani Sibrian is an artist who enjoys using different media to express herself including pen & ink, watercolor, oil paint, scratch board, and digital media.
"Graphic design is a very technical and a beautiful form of art, but I love using scratch board to see every detail and every stroke used to create an amazing photo."

Photography is one of the media she is able to express herself with. The picture below is from a fashion photo shoot she did to study the proper settings of a camera needed in specific lighting.
According to Shani, design should be appealing to the eye as well as legible and understandable; there should be effective communication between the audience and the artist. In the oil painting "Beneath the Warmth", Shani expresses a sensitive side of her personality.
The analogous colors yellow and orange emphasize the warmth emitted through the painting, while calm is showed by the resting figure in the calyx. This content emotion is broken by an aggressive hand gripping one of the petals.

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