Niki - Xu Qin

During last spring Shanghai fashion week, Niki - Xu Qin - came out with an unique collection. A woman sportswear collection in the tone of blue, red and white.

Personal data.
Since her childhood Niki loves fashion, and, after few year as a lecturer in SWPU University, she decided to make her dream real.


Felicia Ardelia

Felicia Ardelia is from Indonesia as well, she used to live in Malaysia, Beijing and Shanghai (China), and now she is in Singapore.

As a designer, her style change drastically in Beijing, were she was no more afraid to dress something unusual, to be different. Each place where she lived influence her somehow, and more the cultural was different from her personal background, more the influence was strong.


Natalia Kiantoro

Natalia Kiantoro, but - as she said: "You can call me Natalia." - is a designer surrounded, since she was a kid, by the fashion world.
She loves to be creative using different media, play around with fabrics, matching clothes and accessories.

Personal Data.
Natalia Kiantoro is from Indonesia.


Lauren Elissa Pilgreen

Lauren's design approach has been influence by American and Chinese culture as well.
Different kind of beauty, different kind of lifestyle, different kind of need, allow her to explore her idea with an open mind.

Personal data.
Lauren Elissa Pilgreen is a young and talented designer.
She stayed in Los Angeles, California; and Shanghai, China.
Now she is going to explore London, UK.


Allisa Vallentine

Allisa Vallentine is a young fashion designer from Indonesia; she loves to explore the fabric feeling like touch, sound, and sight, for making evening gown.


Ignazio Lucenti

At Motion Graphics Italian Festival we met Ignazio Lucenti.

Personal Data.
Ignazio Lucenti is from Italy and he works as a graphic designer. He is humble and shy, despite his knowledge as a designer.


Alen Poropat

Alen Poropat is from Croatia; but he studied fashion design in London, and now he lives in Shanghai. From Europe to Asia, but always cosmopolitan city. As he says “My design gets inspired by lifestyle in the city, and little things that catch my eyes”.
He likes to work with prints because they can express in a strong way, on t-shirt, any kind of message he want to communicate. In fact, he became a fashion designer to express his idea in a practical way and to challenge himself by finding new solutions.


Tom Eloi Göbels

As a first designer: Tom Eloi Göbels
He took a long journey before he become a fashion designer. During this "going around" he explored different kind of field not related with art/design. He accumulated an unusual knowledge for a designer; those knowledge makes his point of view unique.

Personal data.
Tom Eloi Göbels is from Liège (600.000 people) in Belgium (10.000.000 people); currently he is living in Shanghai (23.000.000 people).