ICON handloom cluster

Few weeks ago I contacted Manuprasad Mathew, a designer from India, and he introduced to me the ICON project

The Government of India, to develop and valorize handloom cluster in an inclusive, sustainable and self-reliant manner, sponsors this project that is located in Kannur, a city in the Northern part of Kerala.


Prabhat Kumar

Prabhat Kumar is a designer who can do magic with leather.
Mostly his inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, that he translates into floral patter and organic design. 
"I consider my designs as an extension of myself […] My inspiration can be simple or complex; and this simplicity or complexity can be translated into the products".



Here a (fairy) story about fashion brand and emerging designers.

Since September 2010, the mono brand Dolce&Gabbana in Via Spiga 2 (Milan), changed his supply.
Together with Dolce&Gabbana men and women's accessories, costumers can find the collection of some contemporary designers coming from across the globe.
The duo of the Made in Italy explained that they wanted to give visibility to new emerging designers by giving them a unique and real opportunity.


Ritsuko Hirai

Ritsuko Hirai is a painter and a textile designer, and she is really passionate in what she does.
"Painting and drawing allow me to observe and see the colors and textures of the reality […] they also make me step back and be objective about my project".

Panting, knitting, working with patter on fabric has the same kind of approach "you can feel how colors react adjacent to each other".


Puspita Sekarsari

Puspita Sekarsari develop her passion for fashion when, as a little child, she followed her mother to the sewing class; and, under the drafting table, she colored the illustration in her mother's patterns book.

"Fashion is really challenging, and it makes our life full of color and interest at the same time".


Yoshimasa Ito

Yoshimasa Ito is a fashion designer; but he is also talented as an illustrator.
He rather designs women wear because "the infinite beauty of women" fascinates him; however in his portfolio there are also some menswear projects.
"The meaning of design is to simplify human life by tweaked intelligence".