Euna Jung

Euna Jung loves to design women wear because it can be decline into many different style. Also "is an understanding and respecting women's body form and shape […] confidence and love of oneself'.

Her design is modern and chic, however effortless.


Stathis Samantas

Stathis Samantas is a shoes designer.
He studied industrial design, and he has good skill in prototype construction and model: essential ability for a good and comfortable result.

"Making a shoe is a real construction and everything should be in perfect condition. The materials, the sole, the heels".


Stephanie Swann

Stephanie Swann is a fashion photographer.
She love story telling, but she is also passionate about fashion, styling and textiles: "I can get very excited about the way a fabric drapes, transparency, silhouettes, colour and texture".

The creative journey, from the evolution of the idea to the polished final images, the collaboration with designers and make-up artists who have a vision, "it's fascinating".  


Elena Capoccia

Elena Capoccia lives in Rome.
She is a talented fashion illustrator with a passion for fabrics. She can recreate the feeling of print and pattern in an amazing way by pencil and marker.


Ruan Kitchener

Ruan Kitchener lives in London.
He specializes in women wear and his style is feminine and romantic. His graduated collection was presented at the Showcased during the London fashion week in June 2010.

Designer: Ruan Kitchener Photographer: Stefania Swan



Veronika Brusa

Veronika Brusa is a fashion designer from Switzerland.
She use to live in Warsaw and Buenos Aires, and since 2010 she lives in Shanghai.

Personal data
Her collection are available in the city of Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Monthey, Fribourg.


Itee Soni

Itee Soni is from India, but she works in Shanghai.
Her design is striking and fun and yet eminently wearable. She follow the eco-fashion style producing all her garment using organic fabrics or recycled fiber.

Personal data.
Studio n5, Lane 169, Jiashan lu, Shanghai - China.