Prabhat Kumar

Prabhat Kumar is a designer who can do magic with leather.
Mostly his inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, that he translates into floral patter and organic design. 
"I consider my designs as an extension of myself […] My inspiration can be simple or complex; and this simplicity or complexity can be translated into the products".
He considers himself both a designer and an artist; as a designer he take under consideration not just the beauty of an object, but its functionality as well. Embroidery, leather weaving, surface ornamentation, coloring are some of the characteristic of his production.
"A belt like the white magic [the second article from the picture above] which involves intricate embroidery and many pre-production process, may take up to 15-18 hours".
During his career, he developed belt buckle inspired by paisley for Louis Vuitton. He crafted them with a unique technique he designed where the softer and supple hand feel of leather, after been treated, looks like a polished ceramic.
He is so found of what his doing because "design is the pulse of culture and society […] it is an answer to our societal needs".


Anonymous said...

Amazing work! The material manipulation of leather is incredible! Prabhat, wish you all the success for a bright and inspiring future.

Poem Bags said...

Really talented and creative! Its a treat working with you. Great work!

pragya anchalia said...

awesome work

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Really beautifully crafted. stunning products!