Olívia Suguri

Olívia is from Brazil. During 2007, while she was studying fashion design in São Paulo, she spent some time in Tokyo. Over there she was able to see runway looks in store and all over the city, not just on fashion magazine like Vogue.
This experience pushed her to learn Japanese and in 2009 she was enrolled at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.
In Tokyo she could learn street fashion like the fruits, the goths, the lolitas; as well as perfecting pattern making and dressmaking at college. She spent time in fancy department store to absorb finishing and details of branded garments as Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons. She learned different dressing clothing code from Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese comparing to the one she was used in Brazil.

She enjoyed going window shopping with her classmates and sharing knowledge about dressmaking. She even found places where to satisfy her demand for affordable Comme des Garçons.
After this experience she thinks that "Brazilian dress is too casual, and Japanese are the opposite: too layering."
She is found in women wear, and while she is designing by order, she always considers the body proportions, because "design makes the usable beautiful."

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