Ana Ines Morelli

Ana Ines Morelli is a young fashion designer.
Since she was a child, she was into fashion by making paper clothes for her dolls. For a while, during her career as a student, she was passionate about politics; however her true love was and still is fashion. 
She truly enjoys to play with fabrics; to combine different texture and color; to create a style. "I like to think that design is the practical and useful side of art".


Furniture Fair, Flamingo and Urban Design.

Last night was the last night.
The last night of the famous Furniture Fair that every year, during April, invades Milan. Invade is kind of a strong word, but it is exactly what happen in the city. Actually, not by the real fair, that is outside, but by fuorisalone, an ongoing events, happening, and performance all around the city -especially in via Tortona and via Savona - where all sort of designers and designers related jobs spend their time looking, chit chatting, drinking and - sometime - eating.
Well, I am not here to give any report about all mentioned above stuff, because you can look about them somewhere else. However I want to speak about flamingo.


Marc Bauchère

Marc Bauchère is found in women apparel. He was driven over here by his studies and his passion for scarf, lace handkerchiefs and embroidery details.
"I like fashion […] and to create livens me up."
He designs garment and accessories as well. According to him, the silhouette of a cloth continues in the bag and shoes, as a logical step of the design process. Shape after shape, the armory of a collection is done.


Sian Riley

Sian Riley is a joyful and enthusiastic women wear designer.
She always been interested in how women's fashion has evolve through the years, and she always want to create: become a designer was her natural choice.
She love to experiment different kind of material to develop clothes, like plastic or paper, but "some of my more artistic project can all be worn, even if they are a little crazy".


Ashlee Hoholik

Ashlee Hoholik is specializes in women apparel because she always felt you have more possibility to be creative and playful than menswear. 
"Although I like to create fanciful and whimsical garments, I also have a pragmatic side".
She loves to plays with volumes, to combine colors and fabrics, to express her mood by fashion; this can be compared to an artistic medium where the human body is the canvas.



To all emerging designers and to who wants to challenge himself, Synergy Events is promoting two upcoming happening, a Fashion Challenge in Paris and The Emerging Trends 2012 in Boston.
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The Emerging Trends 2012 is held in Boston in late September, to support the Boston fashion community in developing a reputable image as a fashion capital of innovation and creativity.
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Angelo Vellucci

Angelo C.Vellucci is a designer, a stylist and a visual.
"Design is a way of planning, allocating and sculpting an idea".
To sculpt is the right verb to define his work as a visual when he is using generic stuff - cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and a LOT of glue - to keep it all together.


Andrei Rose

Andrei Rose is a footwear design; however before he became a designer, he was working in a financial company.
"I have always been creative and good at drawing, so I wanted a career where I could implement those skill […] and foot wear was the career path which I wanted to go down".


Allister Jude Fernandes

Allister Jude Fernandes is from India, Mumbai; however he completed his study in Fine Arts and Fashion in San Francisco, North America, where he is working as an assistant designer.
"I enjoy every aspect of fashion, but my favorite would be the conception of an idea and the manipulation and creative process".