Gisele Schütz

Gisele Schütz is from Brazil and she has a deep interest in Japanese culture, especially manga and anime. This enthusiasm influenced her design, and her collection "The Duality of the Ways" is inspired by her interpretation of Japanese culture. 
All the collection is in white taffeta, similar to a western wedding gown collection, but shape and cut are took from manga, so there are details like the enormous collar, the puff skirt, and the bow.
Despite her passion for anime, the Bernuça, a strange beast of the folk tales from Santa Catarina, inspired Gisele's last work, "Art&Movement", a collection for the coming Olympic games in Brazil.

Gisele's collection is designed for rhythmic gymnast, so she used man made fibers that follow the athletes' movements, like stretch lycra.
Bernuça inspires all colors and application, so the final garments are colorful and rich in pattern close to child drawings.
Gisele's approach to design is to observe small details and look the world with different prospective, and without any prejudice. She grabs ideas and inspiration from different things to design according to her own style.

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