Steve Michaelson

Steve Michaelson is a free lance designer specializes in men activewear and sports apparel.  However this type of design chose him, not vice versa.
During the '90 he was working as an illustrator and graphic designer, while he got a temporary work at Adidas America Apparel Design Department in Portland.

"At the time Adobe Illustrator was a relatively new thing to the Apparel Design world […] I was really fast on Illustrator and could do the production work for all of the designers in the department. So they kept me".


Hannes Gade

Hannes Gade, as a student,  was a designer at 360°, who likes to experiment different design field.
He realized his affinity for fashion while he was developing a concept for graphic design, during his study in industrial and communication design.

More he was working on project related to fashion design, more his passion for fashion increase.


Purple Accessories

Purple Accessories is a design studio located in Rome, Italy. They have handmade and unique design; and they mix together raw material, fun and toys.
Purple Accessories born when three designer, with they own brand, choose to work as a team because "three different minds create something magic".

According to them design means create new and useful items for out time and society, something that is at the same time eco and unlike anything else.
Web site and Facebook.


Olga Kasianova (Ольга Касьянова)

Olga Kasianova is a visionary designer that follow her intuition and feeling in her design, while she is trying not to depart too much from the global trends.

Every time she starts a new collection, she observes what is going on in the cultural activity (arts, music, movies) and in the social surrounding: "it is very important for any designer to follow all that is happening and events that take place next to you , but also in the whole world".


Francesca Paolin

Francesca Paolin became a fashion designer for make her own garment, her own style, for not being a trend follower: "during the 80's and 90's I did not like what was on trend […] shoulder pads and loud jewelry […] or just black color".
Photographer: Roberta De Min; Model: Alessandra Prian.
As well, she is interested in the connection between personality and body language express by the cloths and color you are using in you daily life: "I am fascinated by people, their individual style and their personality".