Janina Alleyne

Janina Alleyne came from a fashion background.
She turned into shoe design when she had the chance to develop some shoe prototypes during her study at Northampton University.
"I enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit the eccentric design in my head into the structure of a shoe which has more restrictions compared to garments." After this project, she left fashion and joined footwear design at DeMontfort University.
Janina's shoe design has textures, particular shapes and different patters; so, for not giving a over-complicate appearance to her design, she often chose one solid color. 
"Black adds a touch of sophistication and slightly reigns in the look […]." Swarovski crystal, velvet flocking, quilted silk and quality leather are for someone with a love for luxurious and flamboyant fashion.
She used new technologies, like a 3D modeling software (lightwave 3D) to design and prototype Exoskeleton, a more artistic orientated project where she combined her interest in innovative architecture structure ant marine invertebrates to create an organic design. 
As Janina affirms: "design, today, is limitless and allow designers to challenge themselves and push the boundaries".

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