Kauro Kaneko

Kauro Kaneko is a Japanese designer who has his root in his culture; Kaneto design approach stands in developing and discovering new approach in the use of traditional object. His motto is: "Japanese traditional style for activity".
He mostly works with lather and the project "one piece" is a sample of his creativity. He approached the classic Italian moccasin shoe working with on peace of leather that can be stitched by the final consumer. The final user takes a part in the shoe creation to develop a unique design.

The project "taschi" is the perfect solution for all city bikers who do not want to use a backpack to carry stuff (laptop, keys, money…) while they are biking and they want to feel free. 

Taschi Hip, mostly designed for women, can be worn on the shoulder like a backpack, or like a one stripes bag . And, of course, it is in leather.
On the same concept, the Taschi W is double bags for city bikers. The bags are strapped on the back where a rear-blocked straps hold them in a stable position to keep the balance while you are riding.
Tashi collection is a perfect solution for fashionable city biker (this collection comes in trendy and soft colors) who loves comfort and usability.

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