Francesca Tosi

Francesca is a humble designer; she loves to observe streets wear; to discover which kind of clothes people wear everyday; and to analyze which kind of emotions and feels are involved inside clothes.
Her field is women apparel, because she can understands better women's taste and their fashion expectations. And she can plays around with ruffles, pleats, and laces; an opportunity she barely has designing men wear.
While she was a design student, she and her classmate developed an eco project based on natural fibers, like linen and cotton; and ecological dye methodology, like tea leaves, wine and onion skin. A fresh collection in desaturated color to be used on the seaside during summer evening.
Dia de los muertos and the figure of Catrina, the death's lady, inspired her last work. 
In Mexico this day is celebrated by using strong colors and heavy decoration; Francesca mixed those two elements and she designed a cheerful collection, where colors and skulls are blended together to create a strong visual effect.

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