Syazalina Lim

Syazalina Lim is an enthusiastic design student. She is full of energy and she is passionate about visual merchandising and sports wear.
"Without design, our life would be the same shades of grey every single day."
Syazalina loves to develop visual merchandise project because she can "use many props and materials to portray [my] theme and message further and better."
This project was a mix of her passion for sports and Japanese anime. She combined warm colors like red and orange that represents the constantly spirits to stay at the top of the game juxtapose to cold color to emphasize the strength of the warm one.
Nude Mute packaging
She collaborates to develop the coordinate image for the project nude mute. "It made me realized that there are fierce competitors […] and you are always require to do something unique and normal looking [acknowledged by the market] to be successful."

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