Kevin Redon

Kevin Redon is a self-conscious foot wear designer. He studied product design, and while he was studying, he won the 3rd price for Adidas Originals.
Kevin's footwear projects are outstanding and he loves to spend time on details, because, as he says, they make everything.
"Most of the time I sketch some rough, scan them, redraw on Illustrator with a maximum of details and then render on Photoshop […] for the 3D I use Rhinoceros 3D and render with HyperShot."
Portfolio | BÄ“hance
Kevin has a deep knowledge about foot anatomy, and he analyze the specific requirement to develop a new product according to the sports requirements and the innovative man made material that he can select according to different goals.
Like every designer, "the most challenging part when I start a new project is to bring the newness, this WOW effect which awake everyone's interest."

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