Sustainable design, an hot topic nowadays, is the philosophy of designing physical object to comply with the principles of economic, social and ecologic sustainability. And eco-fashion is part of this growing philosophy and trend of sustainability.

Fashion designers, after the consumerism trend of the 1980s and 1990s, are now re-introducing eco-conscious methods at the source through the use of environmentally friendly materials (recycle wool, recycle polyester from plastic bottle, and bio natural fiber) and socially responsible methods of production.


Norman Choi

Norman Choi is a Korean designer.
He lived in Canada and China; as he said: "different cultures and lifestyles were my eye openers".


Andrea Hrnjak

Andrea Hrnjak is a designer that get most of her inspiration from the Victorian era and the 1920s.
Her style is black and white, and a lot of polka dots.

Below you can see a video of her last illustration work.

Previous video.


Snow Lee

Snow Lee is a young chinese fashion designer; she develop her skills in Shanghai, a city where young people are fashionable and there are a lot of different sub cultural at the same moment that inspire her.


Fabian - Chen Xiang Hao

Fabian (Chen Xiang Hao) is from Macau, China.

He has been living in Shanghai since 2008, and in this cosmopolitan city he became aware about sportswear, and his design process had been influenced by it.


Christine Adelina

Christine Adelina has a passion for fashion, literature, and history.

Her favorite novel is Alice in Wonderland, because it is set during the Victorian era; also she has been influence by gothic subculture.


Mood box

On the 8th of October, the brand mood box, designed by Niki, did the opening for the Rock Fashion Show.


Nick - Nie Yu

Nick (Nie Yu) is a young designer down to earth.

During his design work, he loves to research different kind of approach to develop clothes as well as new printing methodologies. All those things can bring him very far away; but he always considers  the market, and the trend of the moment.


1900 - Yang Shu

Yang Shu (杨澍) last spring participated at the Chinese version of Project Runway, 创意星空, season 3.