From Globalization to Individuality: awards.

The contest, "from Globalization to Individuality", promoted few months ago on this blog was a success. Thanks to all designers.
All contestants produced and proposed amazing ideas; we received beautiful drawing and sketches; for the jury was not an easy job to declare the winner.

Allisa Vallentine
Allisa Vallentine won the first price for women wear.
Her collection represents an evergreen feminine looks where soft and transparent fabrics flow around the body following the figure movement.
Stathis Samantas
Stathis Samantas won the first price for accessories.
His concept was strong and outstanding, a deep observation of European Country during the last century and today.
outfit: Allisa; shoe: Stathis
Our team thanks everyone that made this contest a success; and we remind you the exhibition after the MWFW.

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