Gisele Schütz

Gisele Schütz is from Brazil and she has a deep interest in Japanese culture, especially manga and anime. This enthusiasm influenced her design, and her collection "The Duality of the Ways" is inspired by her interpretation of Japanese culture. 
All the collection is in white taffeta, similar to a western wedding gown collection, but shape and cut are took from manga, so there are details like the enormous collar, the puff skirt, and the bow.


Talia and her brothel.

Talia is a playful and creative designer how challenged herself with her first collection by choosing an intriguing theme: "how does it feel to grow up in brothel".
The subject was inspired by the story of a boy who grew up in a brothel in Scotland and his experiences as a child. And because Talia's approach to design is innovative with a little bit of madness, the final collection is definitely unexpected.


Stathis Samantas, F/W 2012/13 collection.

Stathis Samantas, loyal to his nick name "the Greek Manolo Blahnik", for the coming fall/winter season developed a collection where the stiletto has an essential role.
Stathis mixes black leather with gold and deep blue purplish metal to empathize cuts and insertions details, like the gold stripes that cover the boot.   


Kismet capsule collection by Jun

Jun designs this capsule collection by elaborating the basic T-Shirt to create something different: a capsule collection that involves cut and pleat combined on a neat design.
Pastel color on the shade of light blue and pink gives to the entire collection a fresh and young look. The garments are made in elastic and soft jersey, for a comfortable fit.


Francisco Planelles

Francisco Planelles is found in footwear design, and the main reason is that he dedicated almost his whole life to this passion, since he was a little kid.
He designs; he has deep knowledge in patter making and technical developing; and he has more than ten years experience in this industry.
According to him a designer should have tons of creativity and fun, however "the real world is about sales […] and you can not be as creative as you want, you have to be commercial."