Shu Qin

Shu Qin is a fashion design student from Singapore and she is still developing her style.
As a school project she develop an amazing shoot while she was working on the theme of 30s. "I had never thought of being a stylist, but I see styling as an important skill for a fashion designer." 
"March of the Feminine" was her styling work on the 30s: "I think the hardest part was doing the research and conceptualizing [after that] everything just fall into place."
The concept behind the brand Nude Mute is the simplicity of colors and materials with a quirky play of product details. 
Nude Mute, another school project, was developed as a team work. During this project, not just the design, but as well the branding, visual, and merchandising were taken under consideration, and uploaded on facebook to be sold. 
Shu Qin design Nude Mute bags collection; the main bag can be wore sling or as a tote bag, and it s in two contrast tones: off white and a brownish one. Those bags, and the concept, represent her design philosophy: a mix of functionality, aesthetic and purpose.

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