Most of the time, when we think about fashion, in our mind the picture of beautiful woman wearing luxury goods appears.
In fashion there are not just chiffon dress, hill shoes, and diamonds. This industry satisfy many different needs that require specific pattern construction and particular kind of performable fabric. Apparel has many fields, and each of them has unique approach and different research. The design intention is to make garments to cover / to protect / to be worn and make appealing the human body. Every one, no matter the purpose of it, wants to feel good while he is wearing his clothes.
One particular field of apparel is clothes for disabled. The approach and research for this field is one of the most challenge for a designer, because there are involved so many particular needs. Picture a tree:  boughs come out from trunk, each bought has branch, and other branch until leaves, flowers, and fruits. To design clothes for disabled a designer should be extremely specific on any particular needs. And there are plenty of them: difficulty in closing/opening garments; specific use; particular movement.
For the fourth years in a row, the city of San Paulo de Brazil promotes "the international inclusive fashion", a contest where design students have the opportunity to challenge themselves about a field that is not often take under consideration: to design clothes for disabled. A way to try you and learn something new about fashion without barriers.

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