Talia and her brothel.

Talia is a playful and creative designer how challenged herself with her first collection by choosing an intriguing theme: "how does it feel to grow up in brothel".
The subject was inspired by the story of a boy who grew up in a brothel in Scotland and his experiences as a child. And because Talia's approach to design is innovative with a little bit of madness, the final collection is definitely unexpected.
"Brothel being such a common subject within the design world, people instantly expect a sexy and revealing look and I really wanted to get away from what was expected and crate a playful and quirky collection instead." 
Talia mixed over sized and masculine shirt with exaggerated feminine female figure to have an ironic and iconic collection. Her collection expresses fun, joy of live, and self-irony; everything but something sensual. 
Gert&Uwe Tobias work inspired the print of her collection. Talia designed all pattern according to what you can imagine in a brothel, and she combined hand illustration with some pictures of laughing faces and sexy lips. 
Vibrant colors, like red and blue, are juxtaposed with soft pastel color and neutral gray to bring up the saturated colors.
It is definitely a unique collection that speaks about women and sex in a joyful way.

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