Pounomi Roy

Pounomi Roy studied fashion design at National Institute of Fashion Technology in India and did an internship at Shoppers Stop, a retail chain, where she became an expert on prints and embroideries.
Her graduation collection won the Best Designed Awards, and nowadays she is head designer for the fusion wear, ethnic category inside Inmark Retail Company.
"Bring the ramp fusion wear for the young girls and give them fresh preppy collections every season" is her motto.
"Design may germinate from an instinct, but is firmly based on logic, and at the end its about understanding people you designing for creating styles with your philosophy but for your client."
Roy's passions are kitsch prints filled with colors and embroideries, and she is very good in balancing and mixing them.
For the coming S/S 2013 season she mixed bright flower, polka dots, and pom-pom lace as trim. 
The final silhouette, unique because of this funny combination, is designed for young girls who love bright and summer clothes.



I LOVE IT the nift collection...but is it ur collection????

laFra said...

Dear Hashtkala, Pounomi Roy designed all projects in this post.

Each post speaks about one designer.
If you want to contact a designer, you can click on his "portfolio".


Dear laFra...
I know her personally...And our whole college knows that what she had created in her design collection in NIFT Mumbai..
I know why the photo shoots of the design collection is removed from the blog…

laFra said...

Dear Hashtkala,

I do not know her in person.
I found her portfolio on-line; I liked her projects, so I chose to write a post about her.
We exchange some e-mail with few information and sketch.
Unfortunately, she send me some pictures cover by copy-right.
I did not know it, so I used them because I found those pictures outstanding.

Next time I should be more careful, and selective about pictures.
However, it is the first time I face this issue.