Tatjana Zhabina

Tatjana has a natural aptitude to draw illustration. She mostly draws by ink, pen and pencil because those tools are in every place: at home or in a cafeteria. Simple tools for linear and clean drawing. 
This aptitude kept growing, and it allows her to discover her talent for apparel. Her approach to fashion design is similar to her approach to art: her inspiration starts in her soul, then it is elaborated in her brain and defined by her hand. 
She loves to get out from a 2D dimensions and go into a 3D dimensions, where the images get outside from surfaces.

She thinks designers should always give a message with their works, and they should analyze social life deeply to develop a design that is a response, some how, to people's soul. 
Her last collection, seele deer materie, was inspired by Fukushima nuclear disaster. However, she didn't show the nuclear disaster, but the amazing things and capability of human being if they think forward for the next generation, and they stop to live day by day. 
She has three main colors: red as the fire that burns everything; white as the new life or a new beginning; and grey is the transition between the end and the new. Not just colors, but cut and asymmetric shape define this collection, where the human body is showed by cut and hidden by pleat.
"Art and fashion make a shape similar to number eight, because they are link together and the move in a circle, touching each other on the connection point."

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