Syazalina Lim

Syazalina Lim is an enthusiastic design student. She is full of energy and she is passionate about visual merchandising and sports wear.
"Without design, our life would be the same shades of grey every single day."



I'm definitely getting ready for the next exhibition: from Globalization to Individuality.
Last week I was shooting the collection designed by Tom Göbels, 文房四宝, when a photographer came across and did some shoot as well.


Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson has a truly talent when she designs undergarments."I'm kind of a 'girlie girl' when it comes to design, I love ruffles, lace and bows."
Her design is feminine and sexy; Kristen mixes soft and transparent fabrics with lace, and she is aware how to develop any single piece. "[…] When it comes to lingerie there can be as many as twenty different components going on these garments."
According to Kristen, nowadays lingerie is sexier that it used to be. "Brands like Agent Provocateur and La Perla have paved this road for an edgier, sexier look that can make the everyday woman fell like a sex symbol."



In few days time, the MWFW is going to rules Milan. Famous brands are going to dominate the international fashion media and blogs; on-line Vogue is going to update his page several times per day with post and photos by the catwalks; consumerism is going to be celebrate.
Before that press orgy, I want to introduce COLOR NATURAE. This brand, founded in 2005 by few young designers, believes in the environmentally compatible use of natural fiber like merinos wool, alpha, cotton, and linen colored by natural and non-toxic dyes.


Shu Qin

Shu Qin is a fashion design student from Singapore and she is still developing her style.
As a school project she develop an amazing shoot while she was working on the theme of 30s. "I had never thought of being a stylist, but I see styling as an important skill for a fashion designer." 
"March of the Feminine" was her styling work on the 30s: "I think the hardest part was doing the research and conceptualizing [after that] everything just fall into place."


Thais Queiroz

Thais Queiroz is from Brazil, and inside her portfolio there are fashion and graphic projects. She feels herself more as a fashion designer, however -as she says- there is a deep connection between graphic and fashion.  
"When you design, you start with an idea and invest a lot of though into every single detail."