Shalini Ahuja

"Fashion is passion": the designer who goes by this phrase is a young Delhi based accessory maker Shalini Ahuja
Her label specializes in vivacious footwear, bags, belts, lap top covers, and I-pad covers.
Shalini designs the collections and Indian artisans produce them; it is an interesting combination between the traditional beauties of hand painted leather and contemporary design.
During 2011 she collaborate with luxury French brand to develop a collection of classic royal vintage cars form '30s like Bugatti, showcased during the F/W fashion week.  
"The beauty of this product is the utilization of vegetable tanned leather, which has the properties of accepting any type of pressure on its surface."
Shalini last collection "go green" is inspired by vibrant and colorful birds, realized on terra cotta lather, which is not chemically treated and bright color, which are applied manually on the design are biodegradable and environment friendly. 
A collection inspired by nature and thought for nature: pollution free.

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