Meeting L.Bozzato.

Lisa Bozzato is an Italia shoes designer.
She graduated at Politecnico di Milano, industrial design; however just during her last year of study, while she was developing her thesis and having and internship at Bally, she found her true passion: designing women shoes.
Her studio is full of book about shoes; on the floor there are prototypes of her design; the wall is cover by sketches and flat drawing; and here and there you can find leather samples.


YuSha Shi (史宇莎)

YuSha Shi took interest in fashion design after she move to San Francisco, where she learned how to use a sewing machine and she fell in love with draping fabrics on human body.
"Fashion is art on human body […] I love to touch different kind of fabrics and the shape they can have by draping them on the dress form".


Mirian Fritzen

Mirian Fritzen is a Brazilian shoes designer.
Her style is a mix of elegance, beauty and comfort because she believes that women of the twentieth century are pickier about comfort. 
Her father owns a small shoes factory, and her mother encouraged her creative side by suggesting drawing classes. So, since she was a child, Mirian was influenced by shoes manufacturing and industrialization by her father; and artistic field and creativity by her mother.



For celebrate one year of life, Design: Generation 2.0 promotes the design competition: "from globalization to individuality".
To receive any further information, contact the following e-mail: designgeneration20@gmail.com.


Meeting L.Loffreda

Last Saturday, at design library, I had a interesting chitchat with Ludovico Loffreda, who presented his collection during the past Milan Fashion Week.
We spoke about his last work, his new project for the coming Salone del Mobile, and his idea about fashion. Actually he is a really active and a versatile designer.
His interests do not cover just the fashion field, even if he has a deeply knowledge about it; but he loves to know and understand human being and the society where they are living.


JieQi Ren

JieQi Ren is a menswear fashion designer.
"I love everything about men fashion; my goal is to make a men look as sexy and sleek as possible […] and it is challenging because men are so picky at what they would and would not wear".
In the design field everyone can and does something different, and Ren chooses this field to discover, by making, what design means to him.


Santo Spada

The fashion week in Milan is over, and during the last day, February 28th, in the scenic spot of Castello Sforzesco, the designers of New Generation showcased their ideal women for the coming F/W 2013. 
Santo Sapda was one of them.
Since his teenager hood, Santo worked in the atelier of Saint Crispino Couture, where he learned all the fine techniques of stitching, sawing and draping. 


Jennifer Hockenhull

Since she was a child, Jennifer Hockenhull has been surrounded by fashion: her grandmother owned a tailoring business, her mother is an expert seamstress and her father is a print engineer. Becoming a designer was in her DNA.
As well she was always found in drawing and making textures on paper; and pattern and women wear are her specialties.