Kristen Anderson

Kristen Anderson has a truly talent when she designs undergarments."I'm kind of a 'girlie girl' when it comes to design, I love ruffles, lace and bows."
Her design is feminine and sexy; Kristen mixes soft and transparent fabrics with lace, and she is aware how to develop any single piece. "[…] When it comes to lingerie there can be as many as twenty different components going on these garments."
According to Kristen, nowadays lingerie is sexier that it used to be. "Brands like Agent Provocateur and La Perla have paved this road for an edgier, sexier look that can make the everyday woman fell like a sex symbol."
Her design can be sexy, but Kristen has a good sense of irony and she can turn a print project for undergarments into something really funny.
She kept working on the idea of cocktails and she ended up with the collection 'mai tai…not yours', because: "who does not like a good drink every now and then anyway?"
In design everything comes back, and the ability of a designer is to figure out how to take these recurring terns and refresh them into a design that is still interesting. 

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