From Globalization to Individuality: awards.

The contest, "from Globalization to Individuality", promoted few months ago on this blog was a success. Thanks to all designers.
All contestants produced and proposed amazing ideas; we received beautiful drawing and sketches; for the jury was not an easy job to declare the winner.

Allisa Vallentine
Allisa Vallentine won the first price for women wear.
Her collection represents an evergreen feminine looks where soft and transparent fabrics flow around the body following the figure movement.
Stathis Samantas
Stathis Samantas won the first price for accessories.
His concept was strong and outstanding, a deep observation of European Country during the last century and today.
outfit: Allisa; shoe: Stathis
Our team thanks everyone that made this contest a success; and we remind you the exhibition after the MWFW.


Aariel Forbes

Aariel Forbes is a fashion designer fascinated about new technologies and knowledgeable about industry uniform.
According to his design philosophy, most of Aariel's projects are comprehensive of all deign discipline: "each field [fashion, architecture, graphic, and product] plays an important role in the design process […] by having a general understanding of all design disciplines it can improve your quality as a designer."


Janina Alleyne

Janina Alleyne came from a fashion background.
She turned into shoe design when she had the chance to develop some shoe prototypes during her study at Northampton University.
"I enjoyed the challenge of trying to fit the eccentric design in my head into the structure of a shoe which has more restrictions compared to garments." After this project, she left fashion and joined footwear design at DeMontfort University.


Louise Everett

Louise Everett has always had an interest in clothing and fine art, and she ended up as a fashion designer: it was the right solution to combine those two interests. 


Shani Sibrian

Shani Sibrian is an artist who enjoys using different media to express herself including pen & ink, watercolor, oil paint, scratch board, and digital media.
"Graphic design is a very technical and a beautiful form of art, but I love using scratch board to see every detail and every stroke used to create an amazing photo."


Olívia Suguri

Olívia is from Brazil. During 2007, while she was studying fashion design in São Paulo, she spent some time in Tokyo. Over there she was able to see runway looks in store and all over the city, not just on fashion magazine like Vogue.
This experience pushed her to learn Japanese and in 2009 she was enrolled at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.