Patrick Kampff

"Design should not be about meeting one's need, but exceed it. Design should propose new experience. Design should concede social impact." In those few sentences and words, you can understand Patrick's philosophy.
He is a footwear designer, who has in his portfolio projects designed for Nike, Havaianas, and Heineken.
When he was growing up, he was involved into the sports world; so, consequentially, as a designer he wanted to challenge himself to research innovative materials and design something to enhance athletic performance.
"I started my career working at sports companies […] this type of product made me learn the technical aspects involved in its developments as pattern making, molding, construction, and assembly."
Heineken The club was a project that involved twenty different designers to cooperate and create the club of the future. It was showcased at the past Milano furniture fair. Patrick developed a shoe that is a mix between a futuristic and an aircraft object. 
Silver and reflective material juxtaposes to rough linen: a must have in a fashionable city like Milan.
When he started his career he was designing performance shoe, now he is more orientated on fashionable one: Havaianas. This step was not easy, because style always comes first, but the brand has an amazing energy and it challenges and motivates Patrick at the same time.

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