Happy New Year

A new year is coming, and, like for every one, is time to make a balance of the work we had done and to look forward for the coming year. 
During the past years, we promoted a competition, from Globalization to Individuality, and last October we had our second exhibition where we showcased the winners projects.
Step by step, we are learning how to promote and give more visibility to newer [fashion] designer; how to organize a contest and an exhibition; and how to discover interesting projects.
The purpose of the coming 2013 is to do better and to improve our self, always seeking to outstanding project that leaves us astonished.

We wish you a brightest and full of newest designers 2013.



B'Sbbe is an Italian Brand from Prato, near Florence, one of the most famous Italian area for knitted fabrics manufacture.
The brand name comes form a turquoise stone form Arizona, that, along with a red wool string, is a sign of good luck and true love for nature and life.

As well, the brand's name, B'Sbbe, is representative of the brand philosophy because this brand is promoting a critical message against pollution and wild exploitation of human and natural resources by developing all the collections with organic fabrics and by using no toxics dyeing process.


Alessandra De Tomaso

Alessandra designs aggressive capsule collection for urban women; young ladies ready to party and not afraid to be sexy.

She mostly use pure and vivid color and her outfits get their strengthens by the use of tone on tone, shining taffeta combine with matt fabrics, and interesting decoration like studs or feather.


Les Chourettes

This brand, born by the collaboration between Ester Raimondi and Stella Dondini, is a combination of casual women wear and sartorial details.
This picture displays an aggressive combination of double black face that gives a glass optical illusion on animal pattern.
The collection best seller is a jersey t-shirt whit a face side silhouettes stitches on the side. The colors combination and fabrics patterns are always different, so each t-shirt is unique.


Simon Gao

Simon Gao started his career in the fashion system by opening his own studio as a stylist. This experience allowed him to get in touch with the fashion industry, and in this way he standardized into the industry process his first F/W collection. 
The same collection was showcase on Vogue Italia on September 2012.
"My inspiration in five words? Nature, three-dimensional, reconstruction, recombination and layering."


Kevin Redon

Kevin Redon is a self-conscious foot wear designer. He studied product design, and while he was studying, he won the 3rd price for Adidas Originals.
Kevin's footwear projects are outstanding and he loves to spend time on details, because, as he says, they make everything.
"Most of the time I sketch some rough, scan them, redraw on Illustrator with a maximum of details and then render on Photoshop […] for the 3D I use Rhinoceros 3D and render with HyperShot."
Portfolio | BÄ“hance


Gianluca Tamburini

Gianluca Tamburini has two degrees in economy and marketing, and after them he followed his true passion: fashion. He got his third degree at Polimoda, whit a specialization in shoe design.

Gianluca's collection has assertive and solid color, lighting up shoes whit metallic flashes and feathers.
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