Meeting L.Bozzato.

Lisa Bozzato is an Italia shoes designer.
She graduated at Politecnico di Milano, industrial design; however just during her last year of study, while she was developing her thesis and having and internship at Bally, she found her true passion: designing women shoes.
Her studio is full of book about shoes; on the floor there are prototypes of her design; the wall is cover by sketches and flat drawing; and here and there you can find leather samples.

She does have a computer, but she uses it to keep in contact by mail with the factory, located in China, and her clients, via spiga,  in America.
She rather develops all her works by hand, because, for her, "drawing by computer is a waist of time". So, on the desk, on the side of the keyboard, if you take a deeper look next to the sketches and sample, you can see pencils, pantone colors, and ink. 
Despite her ability, after her degree she worked for Armani, Lisa is a shy and humble person, who knows how far she can go.
She updates herself constantly; she follow the trends; and she designs according to the market. Right now she is working a lot with America; over there the market is slightly different than Italy, and consumers do appreciate new pattern or different leather elaboration comparing to Europe.
Every two month she designs a new collection, and twice a year she flies to the factory in China for a check up on the field; generally she corrects prototypes form pictures.
Sometime happen that the prototype is totally different comparing to what she designed, and how the shoes she had in her mind should be: this incomprehension between designer and manufacturing are, somehow, frustrating for her. And another challenge to improve herself.

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