Meeting L.Loffreda

Last Saturday, at design library, I had a interesting chitchat with Ludovico Loffreda, who presented his collection during the past Milan Fashion Week.
We spoke about his last work, his new project for the coming Salone del Mobile, and his idea about fashion. Actually he is a really active and a versatile designer.
His interests do not cover just the fashion field, even if he has a deeply knowledge about it; but he loves to know and understand human being and the society where they are living.
As a designer, you should know what other people are thinking, and their interest; you should analyze their behavior, if you want to design something they are going to appreciate, and especially if you what to "teach" them a new way to consume fashion.
He is fascinated by the approach of young people in North Europe to fashion: they choose what to wear and how to do it; they are free from most of the stereotypes proposed by the mass media; they are not afraid to try and to fell comfortable with their choices. According to him, from this open mind approach to fashion, where you can experiment new solution, you are able to achieve something original.
And somehow, his last work is related to this approach.
Fashion crossover and architectural shape were always in Ludovico's concept; while he was developing his woman collection for the coming F/W 2013 he added to them clean and minimal line and the pleated skirt of the '50s.
He choose luxury fabric, like crocodile leather or double silk, and he reworked them by mixing with nylon and jersey; he used the dark tone of blues and black, breaking them whit vivid pink, green, and tobacco color. 
His last collection that plays whit color and luxury fabrics; where unexpected fabric combination gives different weight and touch to the garments; a sportswear collection to be wore by a cosmopolitan and contemporary women. 
A woman ready to experiment a new concept of living luxury.

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