YuSha Shi (史宇莎)

YuSha Shi took interest in fashion design after she move to San Francisco, where she learned how to use a sewing machine and she fell in love with draping fabrics on human body.
"Fashion is art on human body […] I love to touch different kind of fabrics and the shape they can have by draping them on the dress form".
Mostly she design women wear because she is more confident about it, and she can applies feminine fabrics such as lace and organza, or use ruffles.
YuSha is still working about her style, and once she figures it out, she will design for different target, include kids wear. But this is a work in progress.

Before she found her passion for fashion, she studied a bit of all design fields. As a textile designer she developed some interesting pattern by using photographic transfer, mono print, heat transfer and discharge.
Her inspiration comes mostly from nature, for shape and for color balance: "the nature has such a great design […] it is full of harmonic shape and colors".

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