JieQi Ren

JieQi Ren is a menswear fashion designer.
"I love everything about men fashion; my goal is to make a men look as sexy and sleek as possible […] and it is challenging because men are so picky at what they would and would not wear".
In the design field everyone can and does something different, and Ren chooses this field to discover, by making, what design means to him.
His design is experimental and developed for a metro sexual costumer, because he adds unconventional details to his project.
Like in the yellowish jacket above, where he add black details on the collar and a black soft fabric that covers the shoulder like a net.
He likes furs and leather, and those interests pushed him to develop a collection inspired by the Inuit people. He analyzed their lifestyle, their clothes and how they saw tighter different piece of fur; then he developed his "winter Arctic" collection, adding interesting and unexciting surface by beading the leather.

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