Mirian Fritzen

Mirian Fritzen is a Brazilian shoes designer.
Her style is a mix of elegance, beauty and comfort because she believes that women of the twentieth century are pickier about comfort. 
Her father owns a small shoes factory, and her mother encouraged her creative side by suggesting drawing classes. So, since she was a child, Mirian was influenced by shoes manufacturing and industrialization by her father; and artistic field and creativity by her mother.

Her style is young and fresh; she develops her design in leather, but to give freedom to her creativity she designs as well shoes made out of PVC, like the brand melissa.  

This king of shoes are designed for young consumers, and because of the versatile propriety of light PVC, the shoes can presents different kind of texture, pattern and embellishments, on the sole as well.
In her design beauty never step back, but the priority is to give what consumers need: "a though of sophistication and comfort".

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geronimo said...

beautiful work from Mirian, liked