Allister Jude Fernandes

Allister Jude Fernandes is from India, Mumbai; however he completed his study in Fine Arts and Fashion in San Francisco, North America, where he is working as an assistant designer.
"I enjoy every aspect of fashion, but my favorite would be the conception of an idea and the manipulation and creative process".
So far he is working in a studio, Boditecture, that fits perfectly his profile as a designer: "I love my design silhouettes to be based on classical proportion […] I play with construction lines, add a detail here and there; either add or remove volume".

Boditecture designs convertible clothing. Here they focus on the use of clothes, and how they can be implemented, transformed, modified to be used in different occasion. To achieve those goals, a designer should be found in the construction of volume and draping, and Allister talent allowed him to develop six convertibles looks for the next season.
He as a good sense of humor, and even if fashion is his love since he was ten years old, he can make fun of it by developing a cocktail dress for his friend dog. The theme was "black swan ballerina", and the use of black and white, a bit of ruffles, and transparent fabric, were a must to "seek minimalism in design". And design a little cute outfit.

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