Ashlee Hoholik

Ashlee Hoholik is specializes in women apparel because she always felt you have more possibility to be creative and playful than menswear. 
"Although I like to create fanciful and whimsical garments, I also have a pragmatic side".
She loves to plays with volumes, to combine colors and fabrics, to express her mood by fashion; this can be compared to an artistic medium where the human body is the canvas.
While she is designing a garment she enjoy each single step of this process: "everything, from sketching to draping, from pattern making to sawing, is a peaceful and relaxing experience". The ability to persevere and create makes her so passionate about fashion, a passion that she developed since her teen hood.

For her last work, recurrence, she played with juxtaposition. In this collection we can see the contrast of yellow gold and violet; we can touch rough crushed texture and soft chiffon; we can perceive the asymmetry of the garment.
According to her fashion design is the clash of the practical side of everyday garments, and the artistic concept that generate new trends, where both routes strive to creation.

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