Julija Moroz

Julija Moroz is a fashion and jewelry designer.
She is always been intrigued by fashion and the possibility (ability) that fashion gives you to change your look by having a different style or new details in your garment.

"Fashion is such a broad area to explore […] it is incredible how different you can be".
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As jewelry designer her inspiration comes from old pictures and modern design "I prefer to mix old&new".

Those mixes create a combination of shape coming from the past in new material and color. According to her fashion design makes our life more beautiful, is the "cherry on the cake": something that is not necessary, but that you research for your personal pleasure. 

Her sketches, even if she is not a fashion illustrator, have a strong impact. Pencil and marker are used to give a particular suggestion to them, but "[sketches] are just used to have the mood and information for garmets".

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