Yi-Lin Cheng

Yi-Lin Cheng is a spontaneous and full of joy young designer.
She is really talented as a fashion illustrator and her mentor are R. Gruau and A. Lopez.

"I love drawing […] I will love to be a fashion illustrator of the 50's and 60's […] and fashion illustrator was the reason I chose fashion as a major".
She use any kind of media, but usually she draws using pantone marker and pencil.
Some piece of her capsule collection were selected for the "Mentor Project for David Meister Breast Cancer".

The guide line was to design a "chic classic architecture jacket with a simple collapsing drape dress in pink".

She fell in love with this project, because she enjoys to design pure beauty, without any worry for the functionality.
However she thinks that: "design is the solution or balance between art and functionality".

The tailor jacket project was inspired by the Victorian Style, where she "used varied construction to create volume on the [emphasized] shoulder" and she focused on the shrunken waist by highlight it by height waistband or belt worn on the jacked.

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Anonymous said...

So cool and dramatic , what a talented young artist.