Julie Ng

Julie Ng, as she signs her works, is an active wear fashion designer.
"Active wear needs specific and special attention of detailing whilst designing […] the product must be practical under physical performance."

The work of analysis, research, ergonomic study for the shape, and new textile present on the market, is more close to product design, that to fashion.
"I guess the most challenging field for me is probably the time."
All the work of research, performance analysis, new fabric purchasing, the finishing like close all opening, takes time. However the real challenge is to balance style and performance.

Most of her works are developed by Adobe Illustrator ®, "I think it is important for designers to acknowledge different kinds of media and Illustrator can provide quick and convenient effects […] but it is also important to know how to draw by pencil."

"Its great to design something attractive; but apart from attractiveness, the usefulness is important."
Every time she is designing, she incorporate functionality and creativity. And she never forgets the final consumer.

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