Alen Poropat

Alen Poropat is from Croatia; but he studied fashion design in London, and now he lives in Shanghai. From Europe to Asia, but always cosmopolitan city. As he says “My design gets inspired by lifestyle in the city, and little things that catch my eyes”.
He likes to work with prints because they can express in a strong way, on t-shirt, any kind of message he want to communicate. In fact, he became a fashion designer to express his idea in a practical way and to challenge himself by finding new solutions.

His last collection was collaboration between him and Emma Rytoft. The idea was to show life of an individual in the big city, like Shanghai, a city that every month changes and new building grow up in the skyline. Emma Rytoft illustrated the life of an individual in a big city.
The collection was made out of jersey, silks and organza that were mixed together to show softness and hardness of the city structure. Slight drapes and pleated skirts were mixed with different texture and color. Prints were in big format on the dresses, tunics, tops and skirts in gray and fluorescent orange color.

“Today design is a discipline that shapes our daily routine and perception of things that surround us. One of the meaning is to give more value to the creativity and innovation of products that are designed with concept that do not just have a beauty factor”.

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Jaxsplash said...

Hey Alen!

I want you to make me that top! I love your exhibition...very proud of you darlin'!