1900 - Yang Shu

Yang Shu (杨澍) last spring participated at the Chinese version of Project Runway, 创意星空, season 3.


He wants to be a fashion designer because fashion makes him alive. He had a long journey, before he discovered his real passion. He graduated in biology, but he was always interested in design and art; so, during his studies, he perform as a street artist and he did fresco for different kind of place, he was also a film director assistant in Shenzhen.
But, finally, he made is dream come true this year participating at 创意星空 (creative sky) in Beijing. There he shared idea, skill, experience and background with other designer.

"All the idea could be tested in the competition […] you could understand the idea from more creative and constructive point of view."
He explore the function and construction of the garment present on the market, for re-elaborate them in a more dramatic way. But he always keeps in mind that a garment should be with an appropriate silhouette and construction, so the costumer could see it wearable.

The soul of his design is Oriental, like is DNA.
Here he came out with a biological similarity: "[…] like DNA and protein; DNA is the soul, the protein is translated by DNA. Protein could be anything, as long as the DNA is still himself."

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