Maria y Limjoco

Maria y Limjoco is a jewelry designer based in Paris.

gloves pin necklace black - Photographer:  Timi Sace

Originally hoping to learn and master the secrets of the French clothing industry, Maria y Limjoco decided to fly to Paris.  However, things don’t always go as planned and so one day she found herself detouring to the direction of the jewelry industry.  It was in Crystal Mosaic, a shop in Paris specializing in crystal-encrusted jewelry and art objects, where she first learned the art of jewelry-making while working as a jewelry artist.
Embracing her whole world, Maria y Limjoco launches her own jewelry brand.  Witnessing the impact of the economic crisis on the consumer buying behavior, she decided to create a jewelry brand that wouldn’t hurt the pockets of the consumers, as the products are not only meant to decorate the body, but also to serve a certain purpose.  A utility jewelry line that aims to marry great design with function, constantly filling in the void that’s still lacking in the market. 
gloves pin necklace cream - Photographer:  Timi Sace
After fusing design with function, Maria aims not only to bring better and more choices to lovers of jewelry, but also to lure the clientele who usually shy away from wearing accessories, jewelry, and the world of aesthetics.

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